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2017 Greek Challenge: Phi Mu

Participation Drive
13 Greeks
Towards goal of 255 Greeks
$1,385.00 Raised
Project has ended
Project ended on June 30, at 11:59 PM CDT
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2017 Greek Challenge: Phi Mu


Greek life! Of course, you were already part of a close knit group of people simply because you were a student at Lyon (Arkansas) College, but you also chose to make even stronger, life-lasting friendships by choosing to go Greek.

It’s hard to put into words the experience of Greek life. Unless you were a part of it, there’s no way to describe it and do it justice. For all of you who did experience Greek life, simply seeing your letters—ΤΚΕ, XO, ΚΣ, ΑΞΔ, ΦΜ, or ΖΒΤ – says everything.

We know your connection with your sorority sisters is still strong. We hope your connection to Lyon is as well. And with that, we issue this—a Lyon College Greek Challenge!


Why you?

Lyon needs you, both as an alum and as a former Greek. We need you as an alum because your participation in donating to the College shows that you believe in the College. And when we apply for grants from foundations, those foundations look at who believes in us. When they see that we have a strong percentage of alumni support they are more apt to grant us money. We also need you as former Greeks because you exemplify loyalty to the utmost degree, the kind of loyalty that will inspire others to help Lyon.


The Challenge

Participation. This challenge will gauge which Greek organization can generate the greatest percentage of participation among its members, both alumni, and current students. The organization with the highest giving percentage will win the Lyon College Legacy Cup, which will be awarded at the 2016 Homecoming Game.


The Reward

In addition to the Legacy Cup, there are more lasting rewards. By boosting alumni participation, you strengthen the value and reputation of a Lyon degree and preserve the college for future students.

Future students will come to Lyon for an education but will leave with an experience. Your involvement in this challenge can greatly enhance these students’ experiences. First, you make a Lyon education possible for some students who could not otherwise afford it. Second, you encourage students to become involved with activities such as Greek life, and stay involved long after they receive their diplomas.



Will you accept this challenge to participate? Will your sorority be the one to win the 2016 Legacy Cup? Will you make a lasting difference in the lives of future Lyon students?

We’re eager to see… so let’s begin!

Choose a giving level



Celebrate the founding of Phi Mu at the Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia in 1852.



Get excited! Rush to make a small gift of $25.



Make a pledge. Begin a journey of giving with a small gift of $50.



You're in! Initiation signaled responsibility for helping your sisters. Now you can help our future students and contribute to their success.



You understand loyalty and commitment. Thank you for being committed to your sisters and thank you for being committed to Lyon.

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